Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scopace on the black market

 Perhaps it would be a good idea for pelagic birding enthusiasts who use Scopace to check around for it. Apparently some pharmacies may still have it in supply. The manufacturer stopped making it which is why it is unavailable. Supply and demand make the market. Scopace does have an expiration date. Who knows how much that supply of 50 I got is worth? I don't get sick myself, I got it for my wife and friends.

I wrote Sharon Hull to tell her the bad news and here is her reply:
This is such bad news!  Guess I’ll be hoarding my supply from now on, and not freely sharing. I still have about 30 tablets which “expired” in July 2010, but I used the same batch successfully in Alaska so suspect in time they may lose some effectiveness but not all.  And I will write Craig Sherman of course, though he sounds pretty determined that production is over.

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