Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scopace discontinued

After making the post on Calbirds I heard from Tim Ruckle who wrote:

Hi, Roger:

I saw your mention of Scopace on your latest pelagic announcement message.  When I Googled “Scopace” I got a notice that Scopace was discontinued in April of 2011.  What was the reason?  And are you sure it’s OK to recommend?


Tim Ruckle
Chico, CA

So I did my share of googling and found out what some fisherman, kayakers and boater had already been discussing in their online forums.

This is all I could find out about why it was pulled:

According to Craig Sherman, MD, who is the Medical Director at Hope Pharmaceutical, it has been discontinued due to a disruption in their supply. If you're concerned about it and want to encourage them to begin the process of replacing it, you should e-mail him at the company:

It is extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive to secure a pharmaceutical grade supplier, so let them know it's worth their while.

I've been an advocate for Scopace for some time so I emailed Dr. Sherman right away and soon got an automated response: 
Dear Mr. Wolfe:
Thank you for your message.  We do not plan to resume the manufacture of Scopace at this time.  As a result, I suggest that you ask your doctor about alternative treatments.
Craig Sherman, MD
Hope Pharmaceuticals

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