Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is Scopace


I wrote this piece for the Santa Cruz Bird club newsletter back in January. In the nine years we've been operating Monterey Seabirds I've found that Scopace is the only drug that seems to work every time. I've only seen one person have the drowsy side effect like what you see with Dramamine.

Get Seasick?
Over the last few years I’ve seen quite a few green faces and witnessed more regurgitation than I would have liked. I’ve loaned out electric Relief bands, handed out Bonine and ginger candies and watched Dramamine dosed dozers miss the action. I’ve seen people bend over the rail despite the Scopolamine patch behind their ears. The only sure fire cure for seasickness is land but there is another medication that is gaining a reputation as an antidote for motion sickness among boaters, fisherman and seabirders.
Scopalamine transdermal patches have been problematic in that it is difficult to gauge the proper dosage as variables like skin thickness varies among individuals but now Scopolamine is available in a tablet form that is absorbed more effectively by the gastrointestinal tract. It can be taken an hour prior to heading out to sea whereas the patches need to be applied twelve hours prior to departure. The average dosage is two tablets.
Scopace tablets are a Scopolamine derivative available by prescription only. The most serious side effect seems to be dry mouth, but you should avoid operating any heavy machinery.
Last year I had several participants (and one leader) on the Monterey Seabird trips testify that after several attempts at avoiding seasickness with patches or other medications without success they found that Scopace worked.
So if Mal de Mer has been keeping you from experiencing the avian wonders of the Monterey Bay you might look into Scopace. You can view testimonials from physicians on the web at:

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