Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scopace no more?

 Last Friday, June 15 I sent this post off to the Calbirds listserv with Sharon Hull's testimonial at the bottom.

Monterey Seabirds has a half day trip on the schedule for next Saturday, July 23. The trip will run from 9am to 2 pm. You can drive from the Bay area in the morning and be home in the afternoon without having to spend the night.

Blue Whales are currently being seen in good numbers. Last Friday morning's Monterey Bay Whale Watch trip saw 18. Last week Skipper Richard Ternullo reported 2 TUFTED PUFFINS and a few XANTUS' MURRELETS.

We were hoping that these half day trips might appeal to those who don't think they have the stamina for an all day trip on the ocean. Right now we need about ten more birders to make the trip a go. If you like the idea of half day pelagic trips we need your support. These trips are suitable for kids and families.

If you are one of those who has suffered from seasickness then try Scopace on one of these shorter trips. It really works and I have some to share. Sharon Hull sent me this note earlier in the week:

" Roger - just finishing a 5 week Alaska trip during which I was on and off boats constantly, often in pretty rough seas. Our friend Scopace made it all possible! Thanks again for introducing me to that wonder drug."

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